How to Design a Capability Statement

Welcome back! In the previous post, How to Create a Compelling Capability Statement, I reviewed the basics of what to include in your capability statement. Today, i’m going to address design. A good graphic designer can definitely be a huge asset if you can afford one. If not, have no fear because I’ll walk  you through some basics here. You can also find a number of one and two page customizable MS Word templates here.


Now that you’ve created content for each of the sections, you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to fit all of it into one page (two, if absolutely necessary). And no, you may not use teeny, tiny font to make it fit. There are a number of different formats and layouts you can use, just be sure to incorporate your branding, which means your logos, colors, fonts, etc. If you haven’t established branding or created a logo yet, that’s okay; just be sure to keep it professionaladd a bit of color and make sure the font is easy to read.

Here are a few more design tips:

  • Remember, whitespace is your friend.  More whitespace allows the eyes to quickly scan from one section to another.
  • You don’t need to cram everything into this document for it to be meaningful. Use bulleted and numbered lists to break up text. Bold key words.
  • Don’t over design. Unless you are a graphic design firm, try not to get too crazy with the colors, layout and font choices. If you are a graphic design firm, a little extra flair is a good thing!
  • Red font on a blue background and blue font on a red background are bad. Don’t do it. Just don’t.
  • And for the love of all that is good in the world, do not use clip art.  Every time clip art is used, a graphic designer’s kitten dies.

Following are a few sample layouts and a few generic examples of capability statements. Feel free to replicate or make your own.


  1. Capabilities
  2. Past Performance
  3. Differentiators
  4. Company Data
  5. Contact Info
  6. Logo and Document Title: Capability Statement

Sample Layouts

Layout Sample:

Sample Layout

That’s it for now. Remember, you can also find a number of one and two page customizable MS Word templates here. In the next post, I’ll talk about customizing your Capability Statement.

Have some tips or questions? Please share in the comments section below.

Have a great day!


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2 Comments on "How to Design a Capability Statement"

  • Harith Razaa

    The sample outlines are very helpful. Often FedBiz opportunities ask for a capability statement. Is this what they are asking for? Another question, What if you have multiple contract vehicles? We are on several teams. So we have CIO SP3 (large and SB), GSA Alliant (LB); HRSA (large and Small Business in different task areas); and SAMHSA (large and SB, again, in different task areas. I am uncertain about how important this is?

    • Yes, this is exactly what FedBiz Opps is asking for. Think of the capability statement as a calling card for your business. It’s a quick summary of the services and/or products your company has to offer and provides all of the relevant information about your company in one location – licenses, certifications, core competencies, differentiators, etc. While you may have the same information on your website, most won’t take (or don’t have) the time to comb through the site to find out if you’re qualified for a particular project or contract.

      As for the different task areas and contracts, you can customize your capability statement as needed to highlight the skills important to that particular opportunity. Think of it as a cover letter for your resume. For each job to which you apply, you submit a customized cover letter highlighting the specific reasons your background and experience uniquely qualify you for the position.

      I’ll be posting an article later today that specifically talks about customizing your capability statement, so stay tuned!

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