Finding Government Contracts

As you probably already know, being a successful government contractor requires that you take the time to research, research, and research. Following is a list of resources to assist you in finding opportunities on which your company can bid.

Free Resources:

  1. A centralized repository of all federal requests for proposal, all companies interested in doing business with the US Federal government should create a profile on this site. Once complete, you can track solicitations, look for opportunities to partner, and learn about upcoming events and opportunities.
  2. Great site to find out how and where money is being spent by the federal government. Use the website tools to search by zip code, county, state. You can also search by Federal agency or award type.
  3. Office of Management and Budget: Provided by the website, you’ll find the budget for the current fiscal year, as well as how organizations plan to allocate their money.
  4. Minority Business Development Agency: MBDA conducts studies on the state of minority business enterprises (MBEs), trends impacting MBEs, their performance, and challenges and opportunities for minority business growth.  You can also register on the site to receive notifications of new contract opportunities.
  5. Register on this site to sell your products and services directly to government buyers. Free to sellers, the site brings customers directly to you.
  6. – Register on Dynamic Small Business Search. SBA’s Pro-Net database is combined with DoD’s Central Contractor Registration database, a popular database used by Contracting Officers.  Register to be paid.
  7. Small Business Association SubNet – Prime Contractors post subcontracting opportunities here.
  8. The Veteran’s Administration’s (VA) Center for Veterans Enterprise.

Paid Resources:

If you don’t have the time to do the research yourself, there are a number of companies willing to do it for your. The following list includes just a few companies that provide research and tracking services to help you find the right opportunities for your business:

  1. RFP & Bids Finder*: Paid subscription based service that allows you to customize a search profile based on your business and location. FindRFP tracks all levels of public government entities in the United States, including: federal, state, county, city, municipalities, townships, universities, school districts, hospitals, police and fire departments, correctional facilities and water and public utilities.
  2. BidNet: Provides a number of services tailored to your company’s needs. Fees are customized based on services you select.
  3. Onvia: A market intelligence firm that does the research for you. Depending on your needs, prices start as low as $45/month for small businesses.


  1. AusTender: Similar to in the US, AusTender provides a, “, , ,centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts awarded.”

What did I miss? Are there any sites or services you are using that I should add to the site?


*Get Started Quickly is a marketing affiliate for RFP & Bids Finder.

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